About us

Our business is the design, development, small scale manufacturing and technology licensing of all materials and manufacturing processes related to CARBON CERAMICS. We also provide consultancy for companies interested in large scale manufacture of CARBON CERAMIC materials.

We work with raw materials suppliers, fabricators, machinists and a range of clients and products in Aerospace, Automotive, Armour, Energy, Motorsport, Rail and Rocket engines.

Carbon Ceramics Ltd is staffed by engineers and scientists who were in at the start of the carbon ceramics revolution in the late 80’s, taking it from interesting concept to viable products. We have decades of accumulated experience in the materials, manufacturing processes and applications.

These individuals are listed as inventors or co-inventors on a significant number of carbon ceramic patents originating from the UK in the last two decades.

We are currently working with customers on some extremely exciting and challenging projects and together we intend to be at the forefront of the next technological and commercial advances for this very special, ultra high-performance material.

Contact us in confidence to see how we can add value to your application and/or your business.

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